Passive Fire Design and Consultancy

We can design the best passive fire systems for your building and consult with you on your needs. Passive Fire Protection details the method of incorporating fire stopping or fire retardent products into your build to create fire separations which help to contain or slow the spread of fire in your building.

We can provide a base design for your passive fire project. This can be as basic or as detailed as required. This can be utilised for a building consent application to establish methodology for a project, or to look at costing. Our passive fire design can cover a variety of areas and would be in relation to any fire report that is being prepared. We can continue to provide guidance and consultancy throughout the project. We can provide one-off consultancy, or construction monitoring where we assist you through the project to the point of gathering information from installers and trades, and helping you gain sign off from the local council and other authorities.

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