Fire Systems Design

We can carry out a detailed design for proposed fire alarm systems for your new project. This could be an existing building, a tenancy refit, or an upgrade that may be required. Designs are required prior to a building consent application or at a stage when you need to look at costings or design philosophy of how the system could be installed. We can assist with a very detailed design which can then be used for the tender process and the installation of the system.

We can also assist you with design and guidance of a range of different fire and safety systems. This could be a fire alarm system, a sprinkler system, a gas flood or special hazard system which could be protecting property or assets, such as a gas flood or deluge system. This could entail carrying out testing and inspection, and giving you guidance on how to approach this project in a logical and professional manner. This type of design and guidance can be useful for establishing a logical step forward, and can also be used to look at budgets and costs of projects.

A close up of a person drawing on plans with a pen and ruler

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