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Passive Fire Design and Consultancy

Passive Fire Design and Consultancy We can design the best passive fire systems for your building and consult with you on your needs. Passive Fire Protection details the method of incorporating fire stopping or fire retardent products into your build to create fire separations which help to contain or slow the spread of fire in your …

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Fire Systems Design

Fire Systems Design We can carry out a detailed design for proposed fire alarm systems for your new project. This could be an existing building, a tenancy refit, or an upgrade that may be required. Designs are required prior to a building consent application or at a stage when you need to look at costings …

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Fire Evacuation Schemes​

Fire Evacuation Schemes​ We can prepare fire evacuation schemes for submission to Fire and Emergency New Zealand. We have many years experience preparing fire evacuation schemes. We can take care of the whole process from start to finish. We can give guidance around how the evacuation scheme process works. We can give guidance around some …

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Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring As we are professionals and industry leaders in the fire and safety industry, we can provide a variety of construction monitoring services such as aiding you in your project, assisting the monitoring of passive fire systems, installation of fire sprinklers, installation of fire systems like alarms or other fire safety systems. Structural monitoring …

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Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Fire Hydrant Flow Testing allows for a variety of different projects, from new subdivisions, fire fighting water availability, water flow and pressure rates. With our flow testing equipment and calibrated mobile fire truck, we can test riser systems, including within buildings. Contact Us

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Technical Specification Preparation

Technical Specification Preparation These specifications can be prepared for individual projects, covering systems such as fire sprinkler systems, passive fire systems, and other types of fire or safety equipment. Our specifications could be used for a tendering process, evaluating the feasibility of a project, building consent applications, or other approval processes. Contact Us

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Fire Reports for Building Consents

Fire Reports for Building Consents We can prepare fire safety reports for building consent submission. All of our fire safety reports are prepared with a variety of different methods. A fire safety report is often required for a multitude of projects, such as alterations to an existing building, a brand new build, seismic upgrades to …

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